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Relighting Existing Museum Exhibits in LED

Bill Ellis of Candela Controls shares his thoughts on switching your museum over to LED lighting systems.  As Bill mentions in his article, since the introduction of LED lamps and fixtures for white light requirements, LEDs have been taking over, and rightly so. With LED applications producing more lumens with far less energy consumption than tungsten/halogen, and a longer useful life for the application, they are under serious evaluation by many different facilities, including museum operators. Renovations of existing exhibits are worth all the considerations of this technology, there are just key points to watch and maintain for a successful outcome.


About Bill

Bill Ellis

Lighting Systems Integration

Bill Ellis began his career while earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Lighting and Audio from the North Carolina ...

Do You Really Need a 3D Printer?

Paul Orselli of Paul Orselli Workshop (POW!) offers this article on what to think about when creating open-ended design opportunities for museum visitors. If you like the idea of creating an active learning environment where museum visitors can use interesting tools and materials while engaging in open-ended design experiences—what is now called a “makerspace”— then this article is for you!


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Paul Orselli

Interactive Exhibit Consultant

For over 30 years, Paul Orselli has worked to create inventive science museums and playful children’s museums, including director-level positions ...

Digital Media Related to Visitor Strategy

An article on considering visitor needs when employing digital technology by Trent Oliver, Principal of Blue Telescope. A common question that comes up is “What is our digital strategy?” Other questions along the same lines


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Trent Oliver

Interactive Media Production

For the last 15 years Trent has developed and guided an in-house team that conceptualizes, designs, programs, and deploys award-winning ...

What Color is White Light?

What Color is White Light?  A paper written by Steven Rosen, FIALD, IES, President & Creative Director of Available Light. LEDs have proven to be a groundbreaking device in the toolbox of museum exhibition professionals but, like any technological revolution, traditional lighting 101 basics are now outdated and are in need of revision and expansion.


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Steven Rosen

Lighting Design

It was Steven’s keen interest in applying theatrical lighting techniques to traditionally non-theatrical environments that led to his founding Available ...

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Thanks for the View!

For this first post, I'd like to say thank you to a few people who have paved the road we all travel.

Like everyone who will read this post, every day I do my best to advocate for the public we serve, the clients we represent, and the profession we are privileged to share.  Some days I even get the heady feeling that I have traveled enough miles to have gained some vision.


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