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Music for the Eyes: "Sustainable" Light

Man, we lighting designers are in a rough spot. As students, it was beaten into us to focus on visibility, compostition, balance, color and movement. We were trained to consume - sustainability was not a part of the equation. But, we are smarter than we used to be.....


About Steven

Steven Rosen

Lighting Design

It was Steven’s keen interest in applying theatrical lighting techniques to traditionally non-theatrical environments that led to his founding Available ...

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Lighting Design

On The Road Again - Moving Your Permanent Collection

Many people reading this may think, it’s easy; "we’ll pack it up, send it on a container or semi-trailer, and then set it up on the other end", easy…


About Jay

Jay Brown

Traveling Exhibitions - Global

Through his company, Flying Fish, Jay works with clients across the Science Center, Museum, and private markets worldwide. He has ...

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Traveling Exhibits