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Walt Crimm

Program Planning & Implementation

Walt Crimm works with art, history and natural history museums and archives to guide development of space for capital projects to support evolving exhibit, program, education and collections needs. Walt works in pre-design to help museum stakeholders define their ideas, requirements and develop an implementation strategy supported by a realistic budget within their funding capacity. During design, Walt is focused on working with stakeholders and design firms providing program-focused space expertise to assure the final design solution effectively supports the visitor experience and staff functional requirements.

Walt Crimm brings over 30 years of experience working with museums and cultural institutions providing expertise that is both visionary and focused on sustainable outcomes: intellectually, fiscally and environmentally. His approach is based on a foundation of 25 years as an architect as the founder and leader of a studio designing museums around the country.
Walt recognizes that ideas need to be translated into spaces that improve an institution’s capacity to serve audiences, care for their collections and create earned revenue. For Walt, planning is not an abstract exercise of numbers, but a process of engaging stakeholders in allocating the space and fiscal resources using specialized tools to help them make informed decisions. Coupled with his deep understanding of the functional needs of space, he understands the challenges and trends facing museums and brings a fresh approach to developing solutions that maximizes the impact of a museum’s investment in their space.

Walt currently works around the world for national, regional and local institutions on a rich variety of projects ranging from discreet program-based projects to institution-wide master plans that will be phased over many years. His expertise in every museum space enables him to integrate the diverse needs into a coherent solution that aligns an institution with best practices and effective solutions that can flexibly accommodate their current and future needs as visitor experiences and institutional goals evolve.

Walt is a cultural consumer, museum board member and an advocate for cultural institutions. Within the cultural community, Walt is a co-founder of the Building Museums Symposium (now in its 11th year), co-author of Planning Successful Museum Building Projects, and a regular presenter at museum conferences.

Contact: wcrimm@waltcrimm.com

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