What is Praxis?

1) Praxis - (noun, Greek): doing, action.

2) Praxis - (noun, Modern): the exercise of an art, science, or skill.

3) Praxis Museum Projects Group - (noun, Contemporary): The exemplary "doing" of the art, science, and skill of creating audience-engaged, technology-rich, three-dimensional environments and visitor experiences combining the skills and expertise of Praxis members.

Praxis Museum Projects Group is a museum professional's network. We share ideas, best practices, new techniques, and new technologies. We are experienced practitioners working in many aspects of museum project development. We support museum owners, exhibit designers, and architects to create thoughtful, engaging, state-of-the-art, and sustainable museum environments. By bringing our various talents and specialties together, members are able to discuss and disseminate information critical to the continued enlightenment of the museum industry and to assist owners and exhibit designers in the development of their projects.